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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

- in Jesus’ world, the more senior you were in a community, the less likely you were even to walk fast; it shows a lack of dignity, a gravitas
- a man running to greet someone: someone who has put a curse on him, who has brought disgrace on the whole family; the Parable of the Prodigal Son
- to understand why this man is running
- once you replace morality with the philosophy that says ‘if it feels good, do it’, there isn’t anything to forgive; instead of genuine forgiveness, our generation has been taught the vague notion of ‘tolerance’
- how can we turn that story, and the reality to which it points, into a prayer, as we pray the prayer Jesus taught us? Read more...

Our Daily Bread

- it is tempting to race through the Lord’s Prayer; do not let greed get in the face of grace
- spend time adoring our Father in heaven, seeking the honor of his name, and praying for his kingdom
- they said a lot of things about Jesus during his lifetime; ‘a glutton and a winebibber’
- a quote from Deuteronomy 21; what to do with a rebellious son; they will stone him to death
- he is disloyal to our traditions; he deserves to die
- but Jesus was following the agenda he set out in the Lord’s Prayer; he was not a rebellious son, he was loyal to the one he called ‘Father’ Read more...

Finding the Way to Go

You cannot go towards something if the mind is not focused on it. Drifting and walking in circles is diminishing, frustrating and leads nowhere. A human being cannot live such a life. Everyone needs to see the path, and then to walk on it. Getting out of the mist is a must. The way to do it is by using the reference points: God, others, and special events. We are relational beings, and we find ourselves being with others. Read more...