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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

Thy Kingdom Come

- what are we praying for when we pray for God’s Kingdom to come?
- heaven and earth are the two interlocking arenas of God’s good world: heaven is God’s space, where God’s word rules and his future purposes are waiting in the wings; earth is our world
- at the end the new Jerusalem is coming down from heaven to earth; in the new heaven and earth they will intertwine
- what will it mean, when Israel’s God returns as King?
a new Exodus: the evil empire will be defeated, and God’s people will be free; Isaiah 52:7-10
- something that happens within the space-time world
- release for captive Israel, the defeat of evil, and the return of YHWH to Zion
- the release for the captives; returning home from a foreign country (the lost son)
- the defeat of evil; casting out of demons, healing, resurrection from the dead
- the return of the king; like a shepherd rescuing a lost sheep
- the Easter proved Jesus right; the kingdom had come and his will had been done
- in the life, death and resurrection of Christ the whole cosmos had turned the corner from darkness to light
- if the Kingdom is here, why is there still injustice, hunger, guilt?
- what Jesus did, he did uniquely, once and for all; it is our responsibility to spread that message and to live it among others
- praying this Kingdom prayer today; being committed to hallowing of his name
to see the world with the love of the creator and with the grief of the creator
- we pray for the redemption of the world
- make us Kingdom-bearers; make us a community of healed healers
- ‘thy will be done;’ a prayer of subversion and conversion
- this is the way we sign on for the work of the kingdom
- prayer, holiness, and service

[Adapted notes from Wright, Tom. The Lord and His Prayer. London: Triangle, 1996]
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