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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

Mornings with Brunner - Being Chosen from Eternity

We are coming from eternity, from the eternal will of God, from his eternal thinking. We have been in his thoughts in the same way a work of art is in the mind of the artist. The foundation of our lives has its origin in the eternal decrees of God. Our origin is in eternity and our destiny is from eternity too.
When God is 'looking' toward man his destiny is decided. He is looking in a way full of grace. When somebody understands that God is looking towards him from eternity, when the eternal seeing of God is directed toward him, and when his seeing is meeting the vision of God from eternity, then the most amazing thing happens. Then man knows that God loves him from eternity and for eternity. From eternity and for eternity God has chosen me. This is the full content of the evangelical faith. The man who understands this knows that he is saved without any effort of his. He knows that he is saved from this evil world. Only the grace of God has done this. The foundation of my salvation is given by his mercy, his love and his election.
You have been chosen and with you have been chosen all who believe. From their perspective, the chosen ones are only those who have believed, and those who have believed are those who, in their hearts, have believed the Word of God. Nobody knows that has been chosen otherwise than by a decision of faith, that is a full free decision, full of obedience, that has been made authentically.
In the Bible election and obedience, election and the personal decision of faith are associated with one another in an inseparable way. We are not able to understand the way in which the free decision of God from eternity and the personal decision of faith are reconciled. But every believer knows that they are not incompatible.
When there is no faith Christ does not mean anything to us. Believe and you will see that you have been chosen. This is the message of Scripture. We do not find anything in the Bible about the double predestination (for eternal life and for hell). The Bible teaches about a divine predestination through election, and about the condemnation of unbelievers. There is no such thing as a divine predestination through rejection.
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