Your Main Point of Reference

In the Christian worldview the main point of reference for every human being is God. The humankind, being created into the image of God, is a group of beings who live their lives in relationships. We are embodied beings who experience the surrounding world by our bodies and their senses. The human being is a relational being and that is why, it is not able to establish his/her own life in their own resources. We will always long for somebody who is outside of us.

The only person, in this universe, who is able to fully satisfy this hunger for relationships and fulfillment is God. That is why, it is necessary to remember and obey him in all our days. He is our Creator.
This endeavor is possible because he is God who reveals himself. He speaks and discloses himself and works among us. It is our duty to research his revelation and make the right decisions concerning our life. Opening our lives towards his revelation is the most rewarding decision in this life. In this way we find what we are looking for all the time. And the reassuring fact is that we found the right and true God, our Creator.

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