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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

One Another

It is not easy to be among people. It is complex and unexpected things happen at times. That is why, we have to grasp the essential things about this daily challenge. Let us read what Jesus had to say about this. The results, in the beginning, are not very encouraging, but, in the end, they put us on the right track.
Be always vigilant that people use to betray and hate one another. These words of Jesus (Matt. 24:10) are a warning sign for everybody. The natural attitudes are like that and for that matter you need to be wise and not duplicate them. Even if you experience betrayal and hate do not let them conquer you. These actions show something about the way in which we relate to each other. At times we have to be loyal and we are not; at times we are hurt and we have to forget, but we don’t. We do quite the opposite: betray and hate. So, these are bad reactions to what happens to us. Another attitude which describe the way in which we relate to one another is that we seek to receive glory from people (John 5:44). We love to be praised; it feeds up our pride and self esteem. This is one of the most fundamental ways of relating to one another. And it is not good! The results are in the areas given above: betrayal and hate. If this is not the way to be among people what is it?
The answer given by Jesus is twofold: peace and love.
Be at peace with one another (Mark 9:50). Not my glory, but peace; this has to be the direction of my being among others. My proactive attitude toward what happens around me has to be that of peace. Healthy relationships are build in a context of peace. You can not build anything in time of war and conflict. To bring peace you have to understand the reasons and the results of conflict and be able to dismantle and reveal them. Truth, respect, open mind, wisdom are part of the package in this endeavor.
Love one another (John 13:34). The example for this is given by Jesus himself. His ultimate saving sacrifice for a sinful humanity is the model of love. This way of relating to one another is the most powerful and efficient as the Christianity is concerned. Love is proved in service and in bearing with one another. Use for the good of others the gifts you have and make space for others.
Thus, peace and love have to be my instincts toward everyone. This is proactive attitude and thinking in the area of relationships inspired by Christ.
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