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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

The Authorship of Torah

Even if there is no direct statement in Pentateuch about its authorship, the Torah is associated with Moses by the earliest witnesses. There are statements that tell us that Moses was commanded by God to record events (Exod. 17.14; Num. 33.2), laws (Exod. 24.4, 34.27), and a song (Deut 31.23). Joshua 1.7ff informs us about a book of the law of Moses. Also there are later references about the Book of Moses (2 Chr. 25.4, Ezra 6.18, Neh. 13.1). In New Testament Torah is associated with Moses (Matt. 19.7, 22.4; Mark 7.10, 12.26; John 1.17, 5.46, 7.23).
There are internal witnesses that different sources were used (see Exod. 24.7; Num. 21.14) as this is expected when a work of such scale is in view. We do not know if other sources were used. We acknowledge the variety of styles of narrative, and types of composition, and especially the profound sense of presence and purpose of God in his creation, in his chosen people, and in the writer of the work.
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