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Sorin Sabou

Letter to the Romans, Nicomachean Ethics, and more

As a Weaned Child

The message of Psalm 131 is part of the Songs of Ascents. These songs were used to prepare the pilgrim for arrival at Jerusalem to worship at the Tabernacle, or Temple. When somebody travels to worship he has to do the right things with his heart, eyes and deeds. For being ready to worship your heart has to be humble, not lifted up. You need to have a right understanding of himself. The heart has to be broken and contrite.
Also is essential to see others in a right way. Do not despise them; appreciate them, support them. Everyone is unique and created in God's image. You can see the price of everyone when you look at the Golgotha. Everything you do has to show a right understanding of your place in the world. We depend on him, that is why our dealings in the world and our projects have to reflect his will.
The metaphor of a weaned child is not easy to explain as it is related to worship. The ideas of growth and dependance on parents are for sure in view, but perhaps we have here an echo of something else. From the whole Bible the most known 'weaned child' brought and left at Tabernacle for service is Samuel, the prophet who anointed David as king. This man of God is known for his answer in the middle of the night: 'Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.' At that time at the Tabernacle there were Eli's family; the evil dealings of Eli's sons were known to all people of Israel, but even if Samuel was left there as a child he does not follow them. He followed the calling of the Lord not the example of Eli and his sons.
The heart, the eyes, the deeds have to be in order and then be ready to hear what the Lord will speak to you. This is the right attitude for worship.
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